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Officials have reopened a Suffolk street after repairing a gas line there Wednesday morning.

Kristen Lane in the Burnett’s Mill subdivision reopened just after 10:30 a.m. after Virgina Natural Gas crews repaired the severed gas line, according to city officials.

Fire crews were dispatched to the 100 block of Kristen Lane after a contractor conducting work in the area reported damaging a line, according to a City of Suffolk news release.

Virginia Natural Gas is also on the scene, the news release said.

City officials said thegas leak did not require evacuations and there were no injuries in the incident.

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Suffolk: Officials open street in Burnett's Mill subdivision after gas leak

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Givens: Cowboy speech reflected wit, wisdom and humor

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Sequel to the horror comedy: After overcoming the trauma of the possession of his girlfriend, a man (Marlon Wayans) moves on to a new relationship with another woman (Jaime Pressly) and along with her two children move into a house together. When strange things begin to happen he fears that there is more evil at play. Also with Missi Pyle, Essence Atkins, Gabriel Iglesias, Ashley Rickards, Affion Crockett, Steele Stebbins, Rick Overton, Hayes MacArthur, Dave Sheridan, Cedric the Entertainer and Kurt Carley. Directed by Michael Tiddes. [1:27]

SEX/NUDITY 8 – A man climbs on a bed where a female doll is lying and makes sexually suggestive remarks, then licks its face and has sex with it in an extended scene, with the doll and the man in many positions: the man’s bare chest, abdomen, back and buttocks are shown and he thrusts on the doll, performs oral sex on the doll, it is implied that the doll performs oral sex on him and then we see him lying in the bed with the doll and he falls asleep (at one point the man removes a condom and throws it away). A man has sex with a doll and we see his bare buttocks as he stands in front of the doll seated on a bench and he thrusts his hips suggesting oral sex or masturbation. A woman wearing a short robe enters a bedroom where her boyfriend (he’s bare-chested) lies in the bed; she removes her robe and we see her wearing a bra and panties as she climbs into bed with the man where they kiss and she moves down under the covers to his crotch (oral sex is implied); many fast-frame sequences of the two of them having sex in numerous positions with both thrusting are seen and after climax the woman asks for more; we see them having sex three more times with the same fast-frame sequences (we see the man’s bare buttocks a few times and we see the woman wearing a bra with her cleavage, bare back and abdomen visible; please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A man remembers having sex with a woman and we see her thrusting on top of him as her head turns completely around. Women working in a meth lab are shown topless (bare breasts are seen). We see two topless women standing near a man and he snorts cocaine of the bare breasts of one of the women. We see photographs on Facebook of a female doll wearing a bikini, then with no clothes and we see its bare breasts with nipples; another photo shows the nude doll tied up with rope. A woman wears low-cut tops and tight-fitting outfits that reveal cleavage and the outline of her figure in many scenes. A teen girl coughs and wretches as if she is going to vomit; when she opens her mouth to look down her throat we see the tip of a penis in her throat. A man’s pants hang low and reveal part his jockey shorts in the back. A man uses a phallus to swat moths in a teen girl’s room. Several women wear low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage. A large man stands behind another man in a jail cell and tells the second man to “Kiss me on my hot mouth” and “I feel romantical”; we see three other men moving toward the second man and the camera cuts away, suggesting prison rape. A teen girl in bed hears a voice telling her, “I want you to touch me” and she licks her fingers and reaches under her sheets presumably to self-stimulate but she is interrupted. A teen boy and a teen girl kiss passionately and a man talks about the girl having had sex with numerous boys. A man smacks a woman on the clothed buttocks and they kiss. A man and a woman kiss. The camera focuses on a woman’s buttocks clothed in tight-fitting pants as a man approaches her from behind and makes a sexually suggestive remark, and then thrusts his crotch against her briefly. A teen girl complains to her mother that a man (the woman’s boyfriend) put his fingers in the teen’s box (referring to a wooden box, but the term is misconstrued) and an argument ensues. A man makes a crude sexually suggestive comment about another man’s girlfriend. A man tells a teen girl that a box she is holding “can hold a lot of birth control.” A man suggests that he is becoming sexually aroused after watching a home movie of a family being threatened by a demon. A man and a woman argue about whether the woman’s genitals are loose. A man talks about having had sex with a doll. A boy reads a teen girl’s diary that includes entries about her having lost her virginity, having had sex with 17 boys but that it was only anal, “So it’s not for real,” and that she will never stop having oral sex (using crude terms). A priest says that he became a priest for “the little boys.” A priest says that “It ain’t like I’ve been raping…” A priest talks about having been trying to perform oral sex on himself. Several women confront a man for having an interracial relationship. A woman complains other husband about their sex life and describes something that she would like him to do to her.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 – A man stabs another man in the stomach and we hear a crunch before he falls to the floor (no blood is seen). A man holds a gun to his head, then puts it in his mouth, and then points it to his crotch before shooting himself in the mouth (we see a flash in his mouth and he falls to the floor dead). A woman stands behind another woman and twists her neck until it cracks and we see the dead woman again later with twisted neck flesh. A dead teen girl lies on the ground with something sticking out of her chest (we see blood on her clothing). We see a home movie of a what appears to be three members of a family with bags over their heads and nooses around their necks as a demonic looking person talks about killing them; the same person is shown tying the three family members to poolside lounge chairs and then pushing them into a pool, threatening to drown them, and then locking them inside a car that he douses with gasoline and threatening to burn them (we do not see the family injured in any of theses scenes, however, the demonic looking person falls out of the tree, falls into the swimming pool and sets himself on fire, respectively). A safe falls and lands on a small dog, crushing it; we see the paws sticking out from under the safe and a man screams in disbelief while trying to remove the safe; when the safe is removed, we see the animal completely flat and the man tries to revive it with mouth-to-mouth and then uses a bicycle pump; the inflated dog floats away and the man chases it. A family grieves for a dead dog at a graveside and a man jumps into the open grave, then covers himself with dirt while screaming and crying; he sits up and yells, and then spits dirt out of his mouth. A man with a bat attacks a box that moves, beating it repeatedly, and then stabs the box with a sword, cuts it up using a chainsaw and shoots it with a shotgun; we see that there was a dog inside the box and its fur is soaked in blood as the man takes it out and shoots it with a shotgun to “Put it out of its misery.” A demon in a home movie interacts with a man watching the movie and we see the demon making an obscene hand gesture, making a face and then making a sexually suggestive hand gesture before the man yells and runs out of the room. A man panics when he thinks he sees his possessed girlfriend outside his window. A woman walks past a man and her eyes turn black and veins darken in her face. A man remembers having sex with a woman and we see her thrusting on top of him as her head turns completely around. A man attacks a demon and punches him, and then kicks him in the crotch. Two arms come out of a closet and clap their hands together; a man follows the sound and peeks between the clothing in the closet when a person wearing a mask pops out and scares him; the man punches the person in the face knocking her to the floor (no injuries are seen). A woman slaps a man hard in the face several times and holds a pillow over his face while they are having sex (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details). A woman attacks a man and knocks him out of his chair. A man is chased by police officers and tackled to the ground where he is arrested for drugs. A man jumps on a doll and holds a knife over it before a woman interrupts him. A man is arrested and beaten by police using clubs. Several people pound on a man lying on the floor. A man punches another man in the face after he sits up and yells, startling the first man (no blood is evident). A man tells another man that to get rid of a demon that is possessing his house he must make a blood sacrifice; we see the man holding a cleaver as a chicken is released from a cage, the man and the chicken fight with punches and slams and blows with a shovel, the chicken is slammed onto the counter, it then bites the man in the lip and they end up on the floor before the chicken is thrown into a ceiling fan and blood splatters all around the kitchen. A teen girl is tied into a chair and covered with a sheet, we hear deep voices coming from under the sheet and the chair is spun upside down before crashing to the floor and breaking. A man driving a car threatens to “pistol whip” another man’s girlfriend who is in the back seat (she is growling, speaking in a deep voice and struggling with her boyfriend); the driver speeds up and crashes into something (we see the three people in the car unconscious, with no visible wounds and the two men get out and leave the scene). It is implied that a boy has an imaginary friend and we see him doing some unusual things; they play a “tripping game” and the boy trips and falls hard on the ground, the boy has a tea party and the tea is straight Vodka, and the boy is shown moving along the ceiling of a living room. A teen girl pounds her head on a door repeatedly (her mother ignores the actions) until she passes out on the floor. A man twists himself around and folds his limbs in unnatural directions over his head while we hear cracking and snapping. A man chops the head off a doll and cuts its appendages off before putting them in a grill and lighting them on fire. A man opens a teen girl’s bedroom door and the room is covered with moths; the man uses a bat to try to kill the moths, then a vacuum to suck them out of the room, and he swings a phallus at them and hits himself in the crotch and then he sets bug zappers that zap the moths and we see a pile of moth carcasses on the floor. A teen girl coughs and wretches as if she is going to vomit; when she opens her mouth to look down her throat we see the tip of a penis in her throat. A man punches a wall and then screams in pain. A man slips on a toy truck and falls hard on the floor. We see that a man’s car has been keyed and there are words and patterns scratched into the paint. A man throws a phone on the ground and stomps on it (we see it in pieces). A man yells at a doll and gets in its face, and then grabs it around the throat briefly. A man and a woman argue as to whether the woman’s genitals are loose. A man yells at a woman, a teen girl and a boy. A man throws a doll out an open bedroom window and it falls into a swimming pool outside. A man asks a boy to help him move some boxes and the boy replies, “I ain’t your slave.” A woman talks about a “boyfriend who abandoned me and left me in a ditch to die.” Several women confront a man for having an interracial relationship. A man says that he has meth jammed up his anus. We hear loud pounding on a front door and when a man goes to answer it, there is a note left on the door mat that the man is frightened. A doll lights a pile of a man’s clothing on fire as he yells. We hear the voices of two men in a panic and talking about a woman implying that something has happened to her. A wife confronts her husband about having an affair. A wife yells at her husband for thinking about having sex with another woman. A man digs a hole in the ground and buries a doll inside it after spitting, urinating and defecating on it (we see spittle, urine stream and feces). We hear a man flatulating loudly and he complains about spicy food being spicier on the way out. A boy stands over a sleeping teen girl and flatulates over her head. A man talks about having had a hemorrhoid. A teen girl vomits a long stream of red goo into a man’s mouth. A man vomits a long stream of red goo into a box. A man smokes marijuana and then snorts cocaine and drinks liquor before swallowing a handful of pills and we see him fall on the floor where he wakes up later in a pool of vomit. A comment is made about someone vomiting everywhere.

PROFANITY 10 – About 97 F-words and its derivatives, 2 obscene hand gestures, 26 sexual references, 2 sexual hand gestures, 46 scatological terms, 32 anatomical terms, 61 mild obscenities, 25 derogatory terms for African-Americans, name-calling (creepy, pasty, home wrecker, cray cray, raisin, monster, bogeyman, pasty [anatomical term deleted], blubber, loser, crazy, demon, evil, demon possessed woman, loco), exclamations (shut-up), 3 religious profanities (GD), 16 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, I Got God On My Side, Oh My Jesus Lord, God, Jesus, For God’s Sake, Oh God). [profanity glossary

SUBSTANCE USE - We see people working in a meth lab and a man talks about selling meth to students, a man smokes marijuana and then snorts cocaine and drinks liquor before swallowing a handful of pills and we see him fall on the floor where he wakes up later in a pool of vomit, a man snorts cocaine off a woman's bare breasts, and people eat a white powder from a bag and it is referred to as molly. A man drinks whiskey by the glass in several scenes and directly from the bottle a couple of times, a man drinks an entire bottle of whiskey from the bottle, a man drinks tea with a boy and he spits it out saying that it is straight vodka, two men drink tequila, and a man says, "I must have been really drunk." A woman smokes.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Possession, demons, evil, interracial relationships, racial stereotypes, racism, paranormal activity.

MESSAGE - Demons are tough to get rid of.


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Three town hall meetings have been held so far in Hillsborough County to address transportation issues in the public schools.

School Board member Susan Valdes hosted the first one in Town ‘N Country. Guests could talk about transportation or any other issues that concerned them. April Griffin hosted the second one in Valrico, which was focused more specifically on transportation. Griffin and Candy Olson co-moderated the third meeting in Apollo Beach, with Cindy Stuart attending the second and third. A fourth is planned April 28 at the Beulah Baptist Church in West Tampa.

So whats being said?

A lot. Some of it directly concerns student safety. Much of it is about work conditions and overall morale. To get a global view of the employees’ concerns, Gradebook recorded all three sessions. What follows is a summary of what was said.

A few caveats: Some of the speakers did not give their names. Some did not speak at all, but wrote their concerns on paper. The written remarks are not included in this (warning, very long) report.

And keep in mind that all of this is completely one-sided, with no response from the administration. A more balanced report will come later, when Superintendent MaryEllen Elia releases a comprehensive action plan for the transportation department, based on multiple investigations that are now under way.

What follows, essentially, is what you would hear if you attended these public meetings.

March 17, Town N Country

1. A driver described the way employees are treated if they call in sick. He said they are given additional shifts the following day, even if it means having students wait to be picked up while other drivers sit idle. He says he has spoken with the union to no avail. 2. Former Office of Supplier Diversity manager Henry Ballard spoke at length about the culture in the district, which he said is rife with nepotism, favoritism and bullying. He’s also concerned that so many students exit high school without diplomas. 3. Driver Calvin Upshaw described conflicts he had with management, which he described as “bullying” and “harassment.” He said he was on career observation for various allegations. “Half of it wasn’t even true,” he said. 4. A driver with 20 years experience in Hillsborough and 10 before that in Atlanta said she applied for general manager John Franklin’s job but lost out to him. She said she has been pulled off her bus seven times to work in the office. She said drivers with little experience are being promoted to supervisory jobs. The work is spread unevenly. And it’s hard to find a mechanic after 7 p.m. 5. Shawn Livingston, former assistant principal of Rodgers Middle School, described his career there, which ended after the accidental drowning of ESE student Jennifer Caballero. Livingston said he was made a “scapegoat,” and that district officials did not respond when he reported health and safety issues at the Riverview campus. He said students were sometimes on the bus for two hours because of poor scheduling. “We’ve got three or four kids on a seat, seatbelts not working,” he said.

6. Trainer John Saffold, one of the four whistleblowers whose Jan. 29 memo started these conversations and inquiries, said the problems began when they centralized routing instead of leaving it to the drivers and managers in their area offices. 7. A driver complained about the EDULOG routing system that “takes you all around the world.”

Bus employees speak out in Hillsborough

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By Les Abend

updated 8:29 AM EDT, Wed April 23, 2014


Editor’s note: Les Abend is a Boeing 777 captain for a major airline with 29 years of flying experience. He is a senior contributor to Flying magazine, a worldwide publication in print for more than 75 years. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

(CNN) — Like the rest of the world, when I learned about the teenage stowaway who climbed into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines 767 in San Jose bound for Maui, I shook my head. Really? What kind of hoax is this? And then security cameras captured him at both airports. You’ve got to be kidding. From an airline pilot’s perspective, this leaves me incredulous.

First of all, how did the kid get in? According to news reports, he would have had to get over a 6- to 8-foot fence with three strands of barbed wire to reach the plane at Mineta San Jose International Airport. Granted, it was dark, but he went undetected as he walked right to the airplane.

Les Abend

Apparently nobody was monitoring CCTV when he clambered up the cumbersome apparatus of the landing gear. Ground personnel saw nothing unusual nor did the pilot who completed the walk-around inspection just before departure.

Before taking off, we pilots look in the wheel well area to check for fluid leaks, or lines and hoses that seem out of place. Our detailed glances are not searching for stowaways. It’s just not in our psyche to consider such things in a wheel well. It might be now. Of course, this kind of stowaway has happened before, with very limited success. But in 30 years with my airline, it’s not something I have experienced.

Stowaway raised questions about airport security

Go here to see the original:
Pilot: Teen got ride of his life

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What is cut flower food?

Q: What is actually in those packets of cut flower food? Is it just a preservative to make them last longer in the water? Is it possible to make it oneself?

Mrs Jeni Butler, via email

A: The contents of those little sachets is a mixture of sucrose (sugar), acidifier and something that inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Sucrose serves as a source of energy to make up for the loss of the functioning leaves and ensures continued development and longevity of the flower. Most water supplies are alkaline and can reduce the life of cut flowers, so the acidifier makes the pH of the water closer to the more acid pH of the plants sap. It also acts to stabilise the pigment and the colour of the flowers.

A microorganism growth inhibitor is perhaps the most important part of the food. Bacteria quickly starts to proliferate in the vase water (especially if damaged leaves are left clinging to flower stems prior to dunking).

Many gardeners/florists swear by various ways to keep flowers fresher for longer. But aspirin, wine or copper coins added to the water are apparently ineffective. Home-made concoctions are not as good as the packet stuff, either (according to the people who are in the business of selling flower food, anyway).

However, variations of the following recipe seem to be favoured by many. To make one litre of the solution:

One litre of warmish water

One tablespoon of vinegar

Read more from the original source:
Thorny problems: how can I avoid butterflies in my greenhouse?

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Im a big fan of time. Its what keeps things from happening all at once. This spring, now that it has finally arrived in earnest, is progressing at an alarming rate. Honestly, everything is popping out of the ground. Powers of identification and a stellar memory are necessary right now. Pay attention to tiny annual seedlings germinating all over the place.

I have some opium poppies, bachelor buttons and nigella coming up in the vegetable garden. If I did not know them, they would get raked up with the debris and weeds.

The magnolias are in bloom both the star and Soulangeana. Usually the star is a week or so ahead but Ive noticed both in my daily runabout!

There are two perfectly pruned forsythias on the right going up State Road just before the Edgartown Road. They are light and airy. Every year I laugh when I think about a typographical error in this column several years ago. My editor is completely faultless. Anyone reading my handwriting would make a similar mistake. I had written For Petes Sake, resist the temptation to prune forsythia into a globe. It printed glove. I would pay good money to see such a thing.

Last fall I transplanted some baby red Russian kale into a long bed and tucked them into mulch with a row cover. They wintered over perfectly. The row cover was buried in snow several times. Ive been eating kale raw in salads for weeks now. It is still tender and delicious, not to mention bug-free for now.

Ive been pulling some garlic and eating the greens chopped like scallions into stir frys.

Ive also been busy transplanting some cold weather crops such as kohlrabi, early Jersey Wakefield cabbage, Brussels sprouts and snowball cauliflower. Im hoping for the best, what with the bunnies who seem to be living inside my garden fence.

It is difficult to be a good sport with rabbits and deer. Just days before, I was thinking about hauling out the sprayer and Babex, but the deer beat me to it! They ate most of the tulips to the ground. Oddly, they took the center out of every English hyacinth. Ive never had them go after that spring bulb before.

Speaking of sprayers, I shall try not to exaggerate (as is my custom). I must have nine or 10 of them. Do you think even one works? Is it planned obsolescence? They are not cheap, either. I tried inserting a safety pin into the tiny holes with no luck. Oh well, such is life. I went around at dusk sloshing the Babex directly from the container and managed to wear most of it.

I ordered some cotton seed. Ive never attempted to grow it before but thought it would be fun to try. It germinated in less than a week inside the greenhouse in flats. Some of the seed looked like miniature cotton balls or pussy willow buds. I will keep you posted.

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Springing Forth

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Harris Egg Kill Bed Bug Killer 16 oz. Aerosol is ready to use. Kills bed bugs and their eggs to end the bed bug’s life cycle. Treat mattresses, box springs, carpet, bedding, floors, walls, and drapes….

21d1h37m left


Buy It Now

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Bed Bug Spray: Home & Garden | eBay – Electronics, Cars …

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Bed Bug Bites Review How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Bites Review – How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs | Recommended Bed Bug Bites Review – How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Bed Bug Bites Review – How To Get Rid Of Be…

By: jack john

See more here:
Bed Bug Bites Review How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs – Video

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Identification is a crucial part of the bed bug control process because some other insects (such as Ticks, Mites, and Lice) can be mistaken as bed bugs and the treatment and control process for bed bugs is a lot different than any other pest. There are specific products that need to be used and procedures that should be followed to effectively get rid of bed bugs. This chapter will help you correctly identify Bed Bugs.

This. Bed bugs look like this:

Image source:

Bed bugs grow in nymph stages after they exit the egg capsule. Nymph bed bugs vary in sizes from 2 mm to 5 mm. The adult bed bugs are around a fourth of an inch or larger. Bed bugs become darker with every nymph stage they go through. They have an oval shape body, a small head, two antennae, and two beady eyes. The young look just like the adults just smaller and lighter colored. The bed bug colors start off white in the egg stage, and then progress into a translucent yellow nymph. The nymph becomes darker rust red color with every blood meal. The colors vary from yellow, orange yellow, orange, dark orange, red orange, and to a rust red. When the bed bug is engorged with blood it is not only bright red but its shape becomes more rounded and elongated.

The bed bugs can reach a maximum size of five to six millimeters. Bed bugs at any stage sizing from one to six millimeters in size require blood meals and can be food with proper tools in infested areas.

Image source:

Originally posted here:
Bed Bug Identification – What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

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